about KSA

Building Blocks

Established for more than 25 years by former South China Morning Post news editor, Kevin Sinclair, KSA is a leading publisher who specialises in editorial and book consultancy.

Since the passing of Kevin Sinclair in 2007, KSA has been spearheaded by Director, Kit Sinclair and Associate Directors Prudence Lui Lai-kuen and Anneliese O'Young Ruo-hwa.

Through our various projects, KSA has gained a name in reporting about the inner workings of the convoluted New Territories and Hong Kong specific cultural topics. In addition to editorial services for SCMP, regional and international papers as well as wine and hotel publications, the company also specialises in book publishing. Award winning journalists, Lui and O'Young continue to work with regional newspapers and magazines including the South China Morning Post, Travel Trade Gazette (TTG), PATA Compass and Asian Hotel & Catering Times.

While journalism may be their trade, books and special projects are their passion.

Recently, after a 10-month world tour, KSA project managed and authored Travels with Aedas in the spring of 2009. This is the second successful book together with the second largest architectural firm in the world, Aedas Ltd. All profits generated from the book were donated to Homes for Hope', the SCMP initiated charity which raised funds to build homes for the 2008 Sichuan earthquake victims.

Currently, O'Young and Lui are working together on a high-end coffee table book about the construction of the prestigious government head quarters at Tamar. The book is set to complete in 2011.

Who's Who

Associate Director Prudence Lui is an award-winning travel journalist who first joined KSA in 1996. After graduating from the School of Hospitality Management of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she took on a position with the region's largest industry magazine, Asian Hotelier, where she rose to the rank of Deputy Editor. Following this, she became China editor for HOTEL Asia-Pacific and has been senior correspondent of Travel Trade Gazette (TTG) Asia for more than ten years.

In 2003, Lui was awarded by The Marriott Golden Circle Award which recognises excellence in reporting on innovative trends and developments in the global tourism industry for international journalists.

As well as being a leading travel reporter, Lui also continues to be co-author and research director for various KSA book projects. In the past, she was instrumental in producing such award-winning books as Asia's Finest Marches On, Society's Guardian, Post Impressions, Making Connections, SCMP's Living Villages series, Gammon Promise and Travels with Aedas.

Associate Director Anneliese O'Young is an award-winning investigative reporter and author who first joined KSA in 2003 to work on the SCMP centenary project. Under the guidance of both Sinclair and Lui, she joined TTG Asia as a correspondent in 2004, while simultaneously reporting with SCMP and spearheading project management and research for no less than eight corporate books.

Originally from Canada, she gained her B.A. from the University of British Columbia and moved to Hong Kong in search of her dream to tell stories. In 2006, her seven-part series on Living Villages (modern New Territories heritage preservation) written together with Kevin Sinclair won the prestigious Pacific Asia Travel Association Grand Award.

Recently, O'Young researched, wrote and edited, Travels with Aedas - the hugely successful corporate book for the second largest architectural firm in the world. All profits from the book went to 'Homes for Hope', a SCMP initiated charity to raise funds for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

Director Kit Sinclair has managed the company together with founder, Kevin Sinclair, since its inception in 1983. Having lived in Hong Kong for over 40 years, she has an intimate knowledge of its history and development. She gained her PhD in 2003 and continues her affiliations with universities in both Hong Kong and Australia.